Tutorial: Parallel Computing with MPI

29 Nov 2017
13:00 - 16:00
Seminar Room 3

Tutorial: Parallel Computing with MPI

The aim of this tutorial is to guide people how to run parallel programs using MPI library. The tutorial will provide an overview, background and basic information for getting started with MPI. We will look at general program structure, basic MPI functions, point-to-point and collective MPI communication routines with practical examples and exercises.

Level: Basic / Intermediate

Basic understanding of parallel programming in C or another language would be required.


  • Parallel computing overview
  • Introduction to MPI
  • General Program Structure
  • Basic MPI Functions
  • How to write simple MPI programs
  • Blocking and non-blocking communication in MPI
  • Sending and receiving with MPI_send and MPI_Recv
  • Collective Operations
    • Synchronization
    • Collective data movement
    • Collective computation routines
    • Collective Computation built-in Operations
    • Groups and communicators