Tutorial: Location Privacy and the Emerging Smart Cities

29 Nov 2017
9:00 - 12:00
Seminar Room 3

Tutorial: Location Privacy and the Emerging Smart Cities

Smart city applications are expected to improve the quality of citizens’ life by addressing important sectors such as transportation, healthcare, energy, education, and public safety. To get an effective management of a smart city’s resources, citizens are expected to be continuously connected to the Internet. IoT is expected to play an important role in collecting huge amounts of data about citizens to meet the goals of smart cities.
The aim of this tutorial is to inform smart citizens about the risks of sharing their locations through their mobiles and the Internet. The aim is also to provide an account of the cutting-edge research on location privacy.
The tutorial introduces the concepts, risks, mechanisms, and challenges related to location privacy. We will discuss the importance of location privacy for smart cities citizens and the challenges in preserving it. Practical scenarios will be discussed to show how location privacy of a citizen could be violated in smart cities. We will cover the state of the art mechanisms, which have been proposed to preserve location privacy.

Level: Basic/Intermediate

Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge of IoT and Location Based Services is preferred but anyone can attend and benefit from the general information provided in this tutorial.


  • Introducing the concept of location privacy
  • Importance of location privacy in smart cities era
  • The tradeoff between location privacy and service quality
  • Challenges of preserving location privacy in smart cities
  • Preserving location privacy mechanisms
  • Practical scenarios to illustrate the risks and solutions