SCITA 2017 Popularity in Social Media

During SCITA 2017 in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, conference participants and followers intensively used the Twitter hash tag #scita2017 to post information, comments and opinions. After two days, more than 1,500 tweets had been posted.

In his workshop big data analytics expert Stefan Weidner from SAP University Competence Center Magdeburg presented a comprehensive sentiment analysis of all SCITA tweets in real time. Using SAP Smart Data Integration and the Twitter API, all relevant tweets were selected and loaded into SAP’s in-memory database HANA. Sophisticated reports in SAP’s analytics and visualization tool Lumira proved that conference participants had an overwhelming positive opinion of SCITA 2017. The word tag cloud which was updated after every tweet displayed all common topics and discussion points at the conference.”

The screenshots below of the final sentiment analysis shows 69% strong positive, 30.2% weak positive and 0.9% neutral sentiments – no need to mention that we could not detect any negative sentiments. The Tag Cloud is also given below.